# 🏆 Rise the Ranks

Rising the ranks on Freeiam is a true achievement - because it means you have done more than pressing a few buttons on your phone or keyboard. Freeiam is the game of your life, which means that you'll have to perform actions in real-life regularly to rise the levels and ranks.

You may have thought we would tell you the exact formulas for each new rank and level, but the truth is they are complex, and we'd rather keep them secret and unexpected. We want to shift the focus on how you can create the life you want and surprise you with rank achievements, then have you sitting at home with pen and paper trying to figure the exact actions to take.

Here's a tip for you:


Complete your daily goals (achieve 💯) as often as possible and rise a few levels now and then 😎

👉 Be sure not to get too comfortable! Ranks won't last forever ... 👀

Last Updated: 3/13/2021, 11:08:09 PM